Malawi Police shoot bereaved man following road accident


Malawi Police in Dedza allegedly shot a 28-year-old man identified as Tasizio Dafuleni following a road accident in which  Dafuleni lost two of his relatives.

Zodiak Online reported that the man is currently admitted to Dedza district hospital where he is getting treatment for bullet wound.

The media house spoke to Village Headman Abraham who said that a vehicle hit Dafuleni’s two relatives at Mtakataka.

Angered by the accident, Dafuleni reportedly turned violent and attempted to set alight the vehicle involved in the accident.

In a bid to control Dafuleni, Police allegedly shot him on the thigh.

On social media, Malawians have since condemned the law enforcers over the way they handled the matter.

One person said: “The  whole police couldn’t stop 1 person from causing trouble by any other means apart from shooting at him?”

Another said: “He never meant to cause the breach of peace. He was traumatized, confused and insanely shocked. The TRAINED police could use what they learnt kukanjedza uko to calm him down or any other possible way than live bullet. It’s kinda unprofessional and reckless.”


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