Malawi Police officer shoots himself at Dzaleka Police Unit


A Malawi Police officer identified as Sgt Mkwate of Dzaleka Police Unit shot himself on the chin with a K2c assault rifle at around 9pm of Friday, October 7.

Reports said the officer told his fellow workmates that he was on night duties. He took a 2kc assault rifle and went into a staff toilet to relieve himself and soon after that a gunshot sound was heard.

Another officer found out that blood was coming ‘from the staff toilet door. He told his fellow workmate about the incident.

When they all went to find out, they discovered that he had shot himself on the chin and later reported the matter to the parent station.

The scene was visited by Dowa Police in company of medical officer who confirmed that death was due to severe loss of blood seconary.

The matter was reported to Dowa Police and postmortem conducted revealed that death was due to severe loss of blood secondary to gun shoot wound.

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