Chakwera’s personal aides flaunt dollars


President Lazarus Chakwera’s senior advisors have flaunted United States Dollars on social media as Malawi continues to struggle to secure forex for imports.

In an image shared widely on social media, the two aides are seen with a brown envelope and over 20 bundles containing US$100 banknotes.

Some commenters on social media estimated that the money could add up to about US$200,000 if all the bundles contained US$100.

This comes as Malawi is in the middle of a forex crisis, with the Reserve Bank of Malawi saying it rationing the distribution of forex to sectors.

Since Chakwera became president, there have been several cases of his advisors being involved in alleged corruption or fraud.

Three of his advisors were dragged to court earlier this year after they borrowed K378 million from a businessperson accused of defrauding Malawi Government.

Chakwera was also forced to fire one of his advisors who smuggled a loan authorization bill to Parliament and another advisor after he was arrested in connection to fuel deals.

In February, State House Chief of Staff Prince Kapondamgaga, who is currently suspended over alleged corruption, admitted that some State House staff have been involved in corrupt acts.

He said criminal acts reported against State House employees include soliciting and receiving money from prospective bidders of public procurement in exchange for a promise to influence the awarding of contracts, soliciting money from business owners and parastatals using the Presidents name, and using the name of the State House to unlawfully acquire public goods, such as public land for private use.

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