Tumaini Festival at risk of being cancelled due to lack of funding


Organisers of the Tumaini Festival have asked organizations and well-wishers for donations, saying the annual crowdfunding campaign for the festival did not reach its target and there is a possibility that the event may be cancelled.

Founder of the Festival Menes La Plume said in a statement they will not be able to receive the money that has been contributed through crowdfunding since the Kickstarter system is “all or nothing.”

“Tumaini is a free festival, and we rely on donations from well-wishers to make it happen. With no funding this year, we are at risk of canceling the event. Therefore, we request that all well-wishers in the corporate and NGO sectors join us and help make this year’s festival possible,” he said.

Anyone wanting to support, can make contribution through the festival’s website donation button by clicking on this link: https://bit.ly/3C5zNYO or through [email protected].

The Tumaini Festival was established in 2014 and is the world’s first festival held within a refugee camp.  The festival is an extraordinary large-scale cultural event held annually inside Dzaleka Refugee Camp; the festival was created and produced by the refugees and the host communities. Its goal is to promote intercultural harmony, foster mutual understanding, and create a peaceful coexistence between the refugees and the Malawian people.

Tumaini is a free festival, and for it to happen it relies deeply on donations made from well-wishers.