Musician and activist Maloto to launch Green Gospel album


Musician and activist Maloto Chimkombero will launch his Green Gospel album on 28 October in Lilongwe in which he is advocating for environmentally friendly policies and practices that will help to reduce deforestation, increase accessibility and availability of clean energy alternatives and  promote proper waste disposal.

The album will be launched at Malville Boutique Hotel in Lilongwe.

Speaking to Malawi24, Chimkombero said the launch is dubbed Climate Change Conversations Cocktail and aprt from the musical performance, the audience will discuss how arts and environmental management can unlock business opportunities for the youth in Malawi.

“There are so many opportunities that are in creative and environment sectors such as waste collection and recycling, agroforestry, clean energy innovations  like briquettes making and selling, creative awareness campaigns and many more. Through this launch and other upcoming events, stakeholders will discuss how they can open up such opportunities and how the youths themselves can take them up for their own financial benefit while conserving environment,” Chimkombero said.

During event, local bands including Ndingo Brothers will also perform at the event.

There will also be guest speakers from government, civil society organisations, business community, youth groups, women groups, media, political arts, groups, religious and traditional groups.


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