MRA beats revenue collection target by K10 billion


The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) collected K131 billion in August, surpassing its K121 billion target by K10 billion.

MRA marketing and communications manager Wilma Chalulu has confirmed.

A poster the authority has produced to celebrate the achievement indicates that the tax collector is also on track to beat the target of K123 billion for the month of September.

This comes months after MRA in December last year introduced Block Management System (BMS),  a taxpayer outreach scheme that physically identifies and maps taxpayers and breaks them down into manageable blocks to allow MRA to visit them in person to educate and encourage tax compliance.

Social commentator Onjezani Kenani posted the MRA poster on his Facebook page and many commenters expressed concern over the use of taxpayers’ funds by the Malawi Government.

One commenter said: “If MRA yokha (alone) collects K131 billion a month, in 12 months MRA collects mk1.5T. If we are to make this assumption MRA can collect money for the whole budget. What about other depts and you ask yourself why should we have mk6.2T loans and where are the loans and MRA money going?”

Another person: “In Malawi, tax is used to sponsor the president his Vice and their families foreign and locals travels basi. How do we celebrate this achievement when there is no panado in the hospital?


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