Chilima’s medical bill: SPC faulted over leakage


The Secretary to the President and Cabinet (SPC) has been faulted over the leakage of the memo containing second lady Mary Chilima’s K312 million medical bill.

On Tuesday, a memo from the Office of the Presidenti and Cabinet (OPC) leaked. The memo, dated September 19, 2022 was from SPC Colleen Zamba informing the president about the K312 budget which the office of Vice President Saulos Chilima came up with to cover for Mrs Chilima’s medical trip.

As Malawians continue to describe the bill as excessive,  OPC and its head Zamba have also faced condemnation over the leakage of the document.

Wiriting on Facebook, social commentator Joshua Chisa Mbele has questioned the motive behind leakage of such a document.

“Is it all in the name of politics that the whole OPC leaked this document?

“The purpose of leakage was to embarrass, humiliate and paint the person of Vice President as a dishonest person when it comes to money,” he said.

Also writing on Facebook, one Malawian said the leakage of the document is not only unethical and unprofessional but also breeds unnecessary mistrusts and insecurities.

According to the leaked memo, the money Chilima asked for covers accommodation, air travel fares, external travel allowances, vehicle hiring expenses, local security costs and food rations for Mary Chilima and four support staff.

Meanwhile, social commentator Idriss Ali Nassah has written the Office of the President and Cabinet demanding information on the cost of taxpayer funded medical treatment abroad for those in public service and their family members, including the president and First Lady, vice president, cabinet Ministers and Speaker of Parliament.

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