Songstress Deebo questions changes in behaviour by men after marriage



By Sangwani Mabaso

Songstress Emmie Deebo has released a song that advocates against gender based violence and questions changes in behaviour by men after getting married.

The song released yesterday talks about daily circumstances that occurs in some of the newly wedded couples.

According to Emmie Deebo real name Emily Zintambila Phiri, it is men who mostly change their attitudes negatively once they marry unlike when they were in courtship.

In the song titled Ayee, Emmie is questioning why a man changes like a Chameleon. She says the man seems to have forgotten marriage vows and how they treated each other before marrying.

“Ayeee is a song that talks about how people (especially men)  change when they enter into marriage. A lot of people pretend to be nice, kind and loving  when dating but  they end up changing their behaviour once they enter into marriage.

“So I’m just asking why? What’s the problem ? Tell us the problem maybe we can fix it instead of getting a divorce,” said Emmie.

The song also questions why some men become violent and turns their wives’ faces as punching bag soon after getting into marriage.

The female young star, however, added that the chameleon like behaviour is for both men and women since some women also change negatively once getting married.

Emmie Deebo has five audios making waves in the industry and 3 music videos. She says Ayee music video will be released next month.

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