More good news for Malawi: Finance minister says Petrol will drop to MK900


As Malawians are still celebrating the MK200 drop on Petrol price, Finance Minister Sosten Gwengwe has announced that the drop is just the start of more good things in fuel prices.

The Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) has announced a reduction in petrol prices. Diesel and paraffin have remained as they were.

Unlike the previous reduction where only MK50 was taken off the pump price, this time around MK200 (about $0.14) has been taken off the price.

Reacting to the reduction, Finance Minister Sosten Gwengwe said that the drop was due to the tireless work that they are putting in at his ministry. Posting on Facebook, Gwengwe challenged that the goal of his ministry is to have the fuel trading at MK900 by December this year.

When they were coming to power, the Tonse administration found fuel trading at MK850.