Tsar Leo teams up with Teddy to make noise with Misonzi


When two great vocals meet, it is the mic that suffers as it hardly handles the quality. Such is the case with the combination of RNB superstars Tsar Leo and Teddy who have teamed up to produce a great tune.

Tsar Leo is back with a banger and this time he has decided to deliver it in his vernacular language, Chichewa. His brand new hit goes by the title Misonzi.

This song is about someone who is heartbroken after a breakup and feels love is overvalued.

Not only has Tsar decided to sing in Chichewa on this project but from now on he will be giving the receiving end the best of his projects in Chichewa. Tsar Leo has decided to change his music language because he now believes it is high time he started delivering in a language which the masses understand.

However, the singer has assured his fans that delivering in Chichewa does not translate to a change of genre.

So far, Misonzi has amassed thousands of views on streaming platform YouTube.


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