South Africa based Malawian pastor urged to refrain from politics


Malawi Deputy High Commissioner in South Africa, Winston Panjie Chirwa, has advised a South Africa based Malawian pastor to refrain from politics.

Winston Panjie Chirwa made the statement during a night of prayer which was conducted by  Pastor Khumbo Joram, Founder and President of The Holy Nation Church in South Africa.

Chirwa added that there is a need for the church and government to collaborate because they have the same roots.

Chirwa (L) with Pastor Joram (R)

“We may differ in politics, we may differ in other ideologies, but we all meet at the church on Sunday.

“We may not go to the same church, but come Sunday we all need church, so I request you Pastor Joram, refrain from politics, do the church work, you have a big job in the society,” he said.

Chirwa said that the church has shown that it is a partner  and he promised to be available  all the time when he is needed to be present at the church’s activities.

On his part, Pastor Khumbo Joram said the ambassador demonstrated that he is a leader who fears God by attending the event.

He added that the church has a great role to play in issues of national unity, social development and dialogue.

The Holy Nation Church will be announcing the launching of the church soon in RSA, and this will also be followed by a number of events planned for 2023 that includes the opening of branches.


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