Organizers say ‘free Mussa parade’ is not an attack on Judiciary extend parades to other regions if Chakwera sits on petition


Organisers of Thursday’s solidarity march dubbed ‘free Mussa parade’ say they have no intention to attack the Malawi Judiciary but are only against selective justice which they say has rocked the judicial system.

This is according to one of the organizers Penjani Kalua also known as Fredokiss in the music circles who was addressing members of the press at Amaryllis Hotel in the commercial city of Blantyre.

At the briefing, Fredokiss confirmed that the free Mussa parade is on this Thursday September 15 in Blantyre where he said a petition being addressed to president Lazarus Chakwera, will be delivered 200 meters away from Sanjika Palace as per laws.

He, however, trashed accusations that the parade is meant to attack the judiciary saying they are not directing their grievances to the judiciary officials but rather President Chakwera whom he said is the father of the nation and has the authority to pardon Mussa.

The lead organizer further questioned accusations that the parade will influence court ruling as lawyers for Mussa are planning to appeal against conviction and sentence.

He argued that in 2019 people were demonstrating while the election case was in court.

“This is a parade of love, we are displaying our opinion with regards to selective justice. Our biggest enemy is selective justice. We are not attacking the judiciary but we have a role to voice out our issues. We are going to the president as a father.

“Those people who feels we are waging war with the judiciary, are wrong. Some two years ago people were demonstrating while the issue was still in court, was that a war? It wasn’t. Others are committing similar offense and being given an option of a fine and why not Mussa?” said Fredokiss.

According to Fredokiss, after delivering the petition, they will give President Chakwera 21 days to act and they have since threatened to extend the parade to the central and northern regions should Chakwera sit on their petition.

While clearing themselves from political affiliation, Fredokiss added that the parade does not promote chamba business in one way or the other, saying what they would love to see is equal justice to all offenders.

Meanwhile, Fredokiss has assured the public that the parade will be violence-free saying they met relevant authorities who guided them on the matter and are now in the process of recruiting over 200 security marshals to beef up security during the match.

“As a matter of making sure that the parade is violence-free, we are currently in the process of recruiting 200 to 300 security marshals to beef up security, and let me advise fellow youths who will participate that we don’t want violence,” he added.

He then faulted politicians in the country for remaining silent on the matter claiming that if this was during the campaign period, politicians would have made a lot of noise on the matter just to win some votes.

It is reported that the parade will start from Nyambadwe School ground in Ndirande township via Chichiri roundabout where there shall be some performance, and then to Sanjika palace via Blantyre town.

Mussa John was in June this year sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for being found in possession of 78 wrapped plastic bags of chamba and on 1st September the Blantyre High Court reduced his sentence to three years.


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