Malawi anticipates efficiency in border clearance following establishment of OSBP


The Government through the Ministry of Trade and Industry says the establishment of One Stop Border Posts (OSBP) will enhance efficiency and effectiveness in border clearance processes through the elimination of all duplications and delays.

Speaking with reporters after Mchinji-Mwami OSBP Media Roundtable  in Lilongwe, Principal Secretary for the Trade and Industry Christina Zakeyo said OSBP is one of the important components in the WTO’s Agreement on Trade Facilitation that is aimed at overcoming the challenges associated with multiple stops that cross-border traders encounter when crossing the borders.

Zakeyo added that the Mchinji-Mwami OSBP is the first of its kind to be constructed in Malawi and there are others under different stages of development in Mwanza, Songwe, Muloza and Dedza.

“The OSBP arrangement is expected to ease most of the trade challenges that traders in the country in have been facing when crossing the borders to do business with the neighbouring countries and the region.

“For instance, with the establishment of the OSBP, we anticipate enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in border clearance processes through the elimination of all duplications and delays.  This is expected to result in the reduction of time it takes to cross the border by almost 70% and this would subsequently lead to reduced cost of doing business and products for our consumers,” she explained.

She went on to say that the  OSBP facility has also modernized and added stock to trade support infrastructure in the trade space particularly the trade corridors of Nacala as well as Beira and it  represents new opportunities for increased trade and enhanced market access, which the businesspeople should seize and optimize.

“This initiative should, therefore, encourage the phone private sector, particularly, our traders to take advantage of the improvements at the border, take Malawi products for exports to Zambia, DRC, Zimbabwe and not just focusing on importing goods into Malawi.  This is the only way to maximize the full benefits of this facility and help to grow the economy,” she added.

Deputy Commissioner for  Customs and Road Signs, Transport Trade and  Facilitation at Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Chimwemwe  Kawalewale said that with the coming in of OSBP it will help them to collect more revenue which will assist for the development of the country.

Kawalewale also said that the initiative will improve service delivery to their clients who are transporters.


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