Amref donates Cholera management supplies to Ministry of Health


As one way of responding to Cholera outbreak in the country, Amref Health Africa Malawi on Monday made a donation of Cholera management supplies to Malawi Government through the Ministry of Health.

The donation is made of a number of items both on the prevention side and also on the treatment side.

On the prevention side, there is HTH which is chlorine and is put in water to make it safe and also the donation has some fluid that is given to the body of a patient and other materials just to mention a few.

Speaking after the event, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health Dr. Charles Mwansambo thanked Amref for coming up with the donation saying the materials will help a lot in the fight against Cholera.

“We have cholera outbreak and currently 18 districts in the country are affected and as of the 4th September we had registered 2012 patients and 75  deaths which means that we need to take this illness seriously.h

“The good thing is that about 1,850 of patients have improved, they have gotten better. So this donation will go a long way in making sure that we serve a lot of lives,” said Mwansambo.

In his remarks, Country Manager of Amref Health Africa Malawi Hester Mkwinda Nyasulu, said as Amref Health Africa they want to create a lasting health change and Cholera is one of the diseases they are putting so much effort, hence coming up with the donation.

“As Amref we felt we need to support the government in response to this cholera situation as you know is also escalating and we also want to put a stop to that. So today we brought supplies and we have also committed to support the Ministry in the awareness campaigns but for them to also be monitoring the situation. So we will support the Ministry to ensure that we contain the situation. We have pumped in 20,000 dollars which is close to 20 Million Kwacha which both goes to the supplies plus the software part of the awareness and district meetings,” said Nyasulu.

As of 5th September 2022, a total of 26 new cases and zero new deaths were reported.

The cumulative cases and deaths reported since the onset of the outbreak are 2,038 and 75 respectively, with Case Fatality Rate at 3.7%. A total of 1,850 people
have recovered and 113 are currently in the treatments centres.

The Government of Malawi through the Ministry of Health with support from partners and the communities themselves has put measures in place to prevent and control the outbreak of Cholera.

Cholera is a preventable and treatable disease and can be achieved through drinking safe water, proper use of latrines, washing hands with soap after visiting the toilet and before handling food, using safe/treated water all the time and practising food hygiene.

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