Liz Truss chosen as UK Prime Minister


Foreign Minister Liz Truss, aged 47, is Britain’s new Prime Minister following her victory in the Conservative Party leadership race.

Truss, who is the current foreign minister, defeated former finance minister Rishi Sunak in a vote of Conservative Party members, winning by 81,326 votes to 60,399.

After the result was announced, Truss said she will deliver a plan to cut taxes and grow the UK economy.

“I will deliver on the energy crisis, dealing with people’s energy bills, but also dealing with the long-term issues we have on energy supply.”

Truss succeeds Boris Johnson, who lost the support of his party and was forced to announce his resignation in July.

Johnson will travel to Scotland to meet Queen Elizabeth on Tuesday to officially tender his resignation.

Truss will follow him and be asked to form a government by the monarch.

Meanwhile, Truss’ opponent Sunak has urged supporters to get behind the new prime minister.

“I’ve said throughout that the Conservatives are one family.

“It’s right we now unite behind the new PM, Liz Truss, as she steers the country through difficult times,” he tweeted.

On his part, outgoing Prime Minister Johnson tweeted: “I know she has the right plan to tackle the cost of living crisis, unite our party and continue the great work of uniting and levelling up our country. Now is the time for all Conservatives to get behind her 100 per cent.”


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