Train ride  between Balaka and Limbe excites Malawians


The resumption of the train operations between Limbe and Balaka has excited Malawians and people have expressed plans to undertake the trip which costs K1,700.

The passenger train is operated by Nacala Logistics and operations of the train resumed on 1 August, 2022.

On Twitter, a person using an account called  @Malawitweet provided a positive review of the ride after experiencing it this week from Balaka to Blantyre.

“Nice ride with air conditioned wagons & all emenities like washrooms ,good music and all passengers seated. Each wagon accommodates 104 passengers and on this particular day it had 12 full passenger wagons,” @Malawitweettweeted.

The Twitter user added: “The average speed of this locomotive is 120km/hr. On average it stops for a maximum of 10 minutes at a train station for people to embark or disembark. So it is around 3 hrs drive from Limbe to Balaka.”

Other Twitter users who have also previously boarded the train commented on the tweet with their own positive reviews.



Many commenters also expressed plans to take the passenger train ride between Balaka and Blantyre.


The train service between Balaka and Blantyre is not without challenges. In October last year Nacala Logistics Malawi suspended operations of the passenger train due to theft of rail materials.

“There is rampant vandalism in this section where theft of pandrol clips and other rail materials is very high. As passengers’ safety is the primary concern for the company, the passenger train will not be operational on this section until the issue of vandalism is fully dealt with and the route is safe to operate,” the company said.

The train service was also suspended in January this years after floods hit Malawi.

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