Government to proceed with refugees relocation


By Mike Van Kamande

Government says it will proceed with the relocation of asylum seekers and refugees to Dzaleka Camp in Dowa using the Police to provide security to Immigration officers and those relocating.

Speaking this morning in Lilongwe, Homeland Security Minister Jean Muonaowauza Sendeza said government is encouraging the refugees to relocate voluntarily.

“A Court Review recently ruled that Government should go ahead with the relocation of asylum seekers and refugees. Government issued a notice to relocate the refugees by 20th November 2022 for rural refugees and February 1, 2023 for those in urban areas.

“Small-scale Businesspersons Association members wanted to take the law in their own hand but government will use Police to protect the relocating refugees and their property,” she said.

Sendeza said asylum seekers would be relocated by November 20, 2022 while refugees would be relocated by February 1, 2023.

On protests, she said public demonstrations should be done in an orderly manner with police providing security to people and property and that citizens’ participation in providing security during demonstrations should be done within the law.

In his remarks, Minister of Information and Chief Government spokesperson Gospel Kazako said people have a right to know what is happening with security in the country.

“Peace and order are of paramount importance and enforcement is its fuel. People should avoid taking the law into their own hands because it brings anarchy and mob justice, destruction of Police infrastructure are detrimental to the development of a nation,” he said.

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