Taekwondo coaches, referees undergo training ahead of Region 5 Youth Games


Taekwondo Coaches and Referees have undergone training ahead of the Region 5 Youth Games which will take place in Malawi in December.

The training took place at Bingu National Stadium from Wednesday to Friday to make the coaches and referees  understand the competition  rules and regulations, among others.

Speaking on Friday, one of the teachers Phillip Moshoeshoe  Molapo who is  the President of the Confederation of Southern African Taekwondo Association and also a first class international Taekwondo referee, said the training is one the principles of the Taekwondo game that wherever the games are they should leave a legacy and that legacy is developing the local technical officials.

“So, this is a part of legacy we want to build for Malawi for having hosted the event and we also want to have the Malawi local officials to be part of the officials that will be officiating Region 5 Youth games in December. That’s the reason why we are having this training here,” said Molapo.

In his remarks, General Secretary of Taekwondo Association of Malawi Medson Ntila said the training is very important and has come at a right time as it will help the coaches as well as referees to have skills that will help them during the games.

“This training is very important because now we will have our own Malawians who will officiate the upcoming games of Region 5  mainly in Taekwondo. The people attending this training are those who are qualified and they are holders of Taekwondo black belts, and these people have been taken from all regions of Malawi,” explained Ntila.


He added that Malawi National team of Taekwondo is preparing very well for the upcoming games as the team is holding camps and  also intensive trainings.

One of the participants, Tadala Ndisale who is National blackbelt from Blantyre, said they have learnt a lot of skills from the training which will be used during the games.

“I have learnt how to be a referee and how to be a game manager.
Now we have new rules in the game of Taekwondo so we were learning those rules. We are also here to get motivated as women, for me it is empowering as a lady to be one of the first referees to host the games here in Malawi,” said Ndisale.

Malawi will host the Region 5 Youth Games this year starting from 2 to 11 December.

According to Public Relations Officer for Region 5 Youth Games Local Organizing Committee, Tamara Chafunya, from Wednesday 24 August, 2022 the committee will be marking the  100 days countdown before official presentation of games in December and as a committee they have organised different activities which will take place in the capital city.

“What we are going to do on the 24th August is that we would like to storm various schools both primary and secondary within the city of Lilongwe. We want to do that because this is a youth game and we want the youth to feel that it is indeed their time and their games,” said Chafunya.

She added that at the schools they will be carrying out activities  such as competitions and quiz so that youths are aware of Region 5 Games.

“We want everybody to be talking of Region 5 games, we want to have our city feeling of the Region  5 Youth Games. It’s quite exciting and I can assure you even for the LOC the momentum is building up and it is getting real by the day.

“The 100 days countdown is one platform that will be able to put all of us into gear,” said Chafunya.


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