Labour export recruiters risk being prosecuted for trafficking in persons


The Ministry of Labour in Malawi has demanded labour export recruiters to stop charging fee to job seekers and stop bypassing the ministry when recruiting people, saying non-compliant recruiters risk being prosecuted for trafficking in persons.

The Ministry issued a statement yesterday signed by Secretary for Labour Wezi Kayira.

According to Kayira, the Ministry has noted with great concern the rapid increase of labour export recruiters which are in the form of recruitment agencies as well as individuals in the country and have been recruiting people for employment in various countries without following the proper laid down procedures.

She added that some recruiters charge a fee to job seekers and bypass the Ministry of Labour and other relevant institutions responsible for regulating the labour market hence exposing job seekers to human traffickers, labour exploitation and abuse.

Kayira warned that such malpractices amount to a criminal offence under the Trafficking in Persons Act of 2015.

“All non-compliant recruiters are hereby asked to stop their recruitment activities with immediate effect or risk prosecution under the Trafficking in Persons Act. The Ministry is ready to engage the recruiters to provide them with the necessary advice and guidance.

“Labour export, like any services, if well regulated has many benefits both to the individuals involved and the country as well. Apart from salaries the workers get, they tend to remit part of their month to their home country which also contributes towards the country’s economic growth,” said Kayira.

The ministry has since appealed to the general public to continue reporting any suspicious cases of labour recruitment to the ministry of labour for the safety and welfare of labour migrants.

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