Malawi 2063 vision beckons Lulu, Piksy


The heavens have smiled on celebrated musicians Lawrence ‘Lulu’ Khwisa and Evans ‘Piksy’ Zangazanga as they have been listed as Malawi 2063 popularisation champions.


This was announced by National Planning Commission during launch of the programme in the capital Lilongwe on Monday.

In reaction to the development, the aforementioned musicians said they feel honoured to be part of the project.

Piksy continues to be part of the project as he was also trusted with crafting the project’s theme song.

This, has attracted a mixed reaction from the public.

“Even though 2063 is a scam but this is an honour to us the youths! Big up Lulu, Angozo,” reads one of the comments.

Another comment reads: “Why are the very same faces trusted with such roles. We have youths with much more influnce than those that have been chosen.”

According to the National Planning Commission, this is just the first group of the said project’s popularisation champions.

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