Gule wamkulu carries the gospel in Brenda Kamdam’manja, Nic collaboration


Gule Wamkulu has been put in the thick of things in spreading the gospel in Kalikonse Mukaona, the latest song by Brenda Kadam’manja and UK-based Nic Thindwa.

The traditional tune talks about God’s blessings which are clearly visible to ordinary eyes. It also discourages people from perceiving others negatively because they are enjoying God’s blessings.

“Odi uko ndikuti odi/kalikonse mukaona/wandichitira ambuye ine (Hello hello/you are going to see what God has done for me.)”

“Inu amenewo/lero limenero/mukuti ine sindili humble/mukuti ndikusaukira mwambo/kena kalikonse mukuti ndaponya public (You claim I am not humble and cultured/you claim I show off everything,)” says the song in partial

Kalikonse mukaona passed through the creative hands of renowned producer Pon G. Its video was crafted by VJ Ken and Smollet Kalua.

According to Nic, he enjoyed working with Brenda on the song because it promotes Malawian culture apart from bringing him closer to home.

“I enjoyed every part of the song because it carries good news the Malawian way. It also brings me closer to home.”

Furthermore, the chamufilimu star plans to craft more of traditional songs.

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