Malawi Police Service establishes driving school


The Malawi Police Service (MPS) has set up a driving school which is expected to start operations once registration process is complete.

In an interview with Malawi24, Senior Superintendent Peter Kalaya, National Police Publicist, said that they  are in the process of registering the driving school.

Kalaya added that at the moment, the registration process for the school is at an advanced stage and they have already purchased some of the vehicles to be used and they also have premises for the school.

He further said that the driving school will be open to everyone and the  school will open as soon as they  finish the registration process.

According to Kalaya, the Police want to impart the best expertise to drivers as part of promoting road safety.

“We hope by doing this, we will be able to contribute positively to the reduction of road accidents as drivers will get the best expertise and knowledge in driving and managing their vehicles,” he said.

Pictures of some of the vehicles for the school have been circulating on social media and it has been noted that the vehicles do not have MPS number plates.

However, Kalaya said there is nothing wrong with using private number plates.

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