Balaka DHO launches Polio vaccination campaign


Balaka District Health Office has launched its third round of under-five children vaccination campaign.

Speaking during the launch of the exercise at Kwitanda health centre in the district, director of health and social services for Balaka district council Dr. Eugene Katenga Kaunda said the council’s target is to vaccinate 88,395 children.

Kaunda added that the exercise will run from 11 to 14 August 2022.

Despite the numerous challenges that the campaign faced in the previous phases, Kaunda said the council has spearheaded sensitization meetings in order to woo as many parents as possible to have their children vaccinated.

“We faced a number of hitches in the previous phases including misconceptions with COVID-19 vaccines.Nontheless, we are hopeful to reach out our target in this phase,” Kaunda said.

Meanwhile, Balaka district council chairperson, Pharaoh Kambiri, has encouraged parents in the district to embrace the initiative.

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  1. Ku balaka tsikana mwayika pa post akubayidwayo ali ndi zaka zingati, kapena ndi vuto la a tolankhani aku skyway athuwa?

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