MoFaya: Airtel Malawi fires up data bundles


Airtel Malawi has reduced the volume of MoFaya bundles by 45 percent but has maintained the price of the bundles, with 2GB daily bundle being reduced to 1.1GB but the price remaining at K499.

The company has made the announcement earlier today.

Airtel has also announced that promotional period for the bundles will come to an end on 9 August, 2022.

The bundles were introduced on a promotional period which started on 2nd March and was due to last for 90 days. However, it was extended to further monitor the developing usage trend.

The reduction in volume of data has sparked conflicting reaction from Airtel customers.

New Airtel MoFaya prices 

“Basically, you have just doubled the prices of current data packages. Call it what it is, a price increase,’ reads one of the comments

Another comment reads, “We are finished! With the current economic hardships, I did not expect such an unreasonable hike.”

However, some Airtel customers believe the upward hike is justifiable, given the service they offer.

“It’s still a reasonable fee for the service they offer. Am sticking with you,” commented one of the subscribers.

Airtel is one of the top mobile operators in Malawi. It has over 3 million customers across the country.