Analyst faults Chakwera for appointing ‘retired legs’


A social commentator has faulted president Lazarus Chakwera for appointing people who already retired from public service, saying the trend indicates that there is no hope for youths to completely take over any time soon.

The commentator, Wonderful Mkhutche was reacting to the recent appointment of Brigadier General (retired) Charles Kalumo as Director General for the Department of Immigration and Citizenship Services.

Mkhutche told Malawi24 in an interview that it is uncertain if Brigadier General Kalumo will successfully deliver at the immigration arguing that heading this department is a challenging task that somehow needs fresh minds.

“It’s not a good appointment. I don’t know why the President had to appoint someone from retirement to take up that challenging role. Someone youthful could have been considered for the role.

“There is not any assurance that he can deliver. Where he is coming from doesn’t matter. Malawians do not know his work track record and all we can do is live with the President’s decision while knowing that he could have done better,” reacted Mkhutche.

Mkhutche further defended
Malawians who have reacted angrily at President Chakwera’s appointment of Kalumo, claiming youths represent change, new ideas and creativity, hence the need for the Department of Immigration to be headed a responsible youth.

The commentator continued to blame the Chakwera led administration for passing a bill increasing the retirement age of Judges from 65 to 70 years which he described as retrogressive and a mockery to the youths.

“The present government is consumed with the idea of rewarding those who made it possible for it to be there, and this is not good for the country. For long, Malawians trusted the Judiciary as an arm of government that was there for them. Now it is being compromised as well. This government, just like many before it, only need youths when it is election time,” he added.

Kalumo who has been National Chairperson for the War Veterans and Ex-service league of Malawi, has succeeded Elvis Thodi who was arrested in 2021 on suspected corruption charges.


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One Comment

  1. The appointment of Brigadier Kalumo to head Immigration department must be a welcome move. Brigadier Kalumo will bring change and discipline that has been lacking at Immigration. Immigration department is one of the inefficient and ineffective and corrupt and riddled with bribes and bribery and it has been like this for a long time. If you go to Immigration there is always long queues unnecessary and promoting to give bribes and kickbacks to Immigration Officers who have no clue of how to work and process passport without giving bribes. The previous heads or directors have failed to cleanse the department.
    Immigration needs strong and discipline directors and Malawi Army has many officers who can bring change and work ethics to improve the rotten image of corrupt and inefficient and ineffective running of the most important department that deals with passports process and Immigration controls.
    I believe General Kalumo is the right officer with maturity and wisdom to cleanse the department of crooked Officers who don’t respect their positions.
    Age of Brigadier Kalumo at 70 years or over doesn’t really matter its the work ethics and discipline that is
    lacking in the youthful directors whose aim is get rich quick without working for it.
    Malawi as a country is full of educated youths but who don’t respect their jobs as they are after living in luxury through kickbacks using Asian businesses who are giving bribes and kickbacks to get fake contracts on taxpayers money.
    This can only stop with mature officers with wisdom and military discipline.
    Look at what the in discipline which is prevalent in the police service.The Malawi public has lost total trust with the police.
    The police top the list of the most corrupt institutions in Malawi that includes Immigration.
    The President must do just by looking at appointing several Army Generals in Malawi 🏬 that are not performing and there are so many.

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