6th serves Onesimus own Butter: responds to Blakjak


Budding dancehall artist 6th has hit back at renowned artists Onesimus and Blakjak who is also a television personality.

In his recent freestyle delivery, the muli uthenga star has shared the sad memories about his ill-treatment at Onesimus homecoming show last year.

“Ndaitanidwapo mma show osayimba/Kumenya chi show osalipidwa/Akuti kumakhala ngati sakutiziwa/Mn I come from far ndaziowana (I have been shunned at events as if they do not not me),” goes part of the verse.

He added that some television personalities threw his music into the trash barrel, with an indirect jab at BlakJak who had previously sided with Onesimus.

The Veteran musician cum Television personality inferred that 6TH was given a cold shoulder by the self-nicknamed African Butter for failing to honour an allocated time slot. The Blantyre based dancehall artist is on record to have been denied an opportunity to perform at Onesimus homecoming show, on allegations that he showed up late.

According to the youthful artist, television personality Blakjak who hosted the event is said to have played a big role in denying him the stage moment.

“Look here, if you are an up-and-coming artist and you are given a time to perform at a show, just show up! The minute you start playing hide and seek, wanting to perform when the show has reached the climax, you complicate things and make other people`s job difficult,” BlakJak had tweeted.

In an indirect response to Che Kalonda BlakJak who host entertainment programmes on Times TV, 6TH sings in his freestyle, “Pa TV osaplayer, kuiwala ife si a Maravi (You don’t play my music on televisions because am not a Maravi”, insinuating that the TWAR with CheKalonda had escalated beyond Twitter.

CheKalonda is a founding member of the defunct Nyasa Gurus that carries a ‘colloquial’ name for Malawi that the colonialist used to formally rename the Maravi Kingdom.

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