Ruling on witnesses in Bushiri extradition case slated for Aug 22


Magistrate Madalitso Chimwaza has adjourned the extradition case involving Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and Prophetess Mary Bushiri to 22 August when the court will make a ruling on whether South African witnesses should come or not.

Magistrate Chimwaza heard submissions both from the State and the defense on how witnesses should testify in this case.

The State through the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Steve Kayuni maintained its refusal to have South Africa witnesses come to Malawi physically and testify before the Magistrate.

On the other hand, the defense led by Counsel Wapona Kita, told the court that State has, again, failed to give compelling reasons as to why the witnesses should not come to Malawi as demanded by law.

Kita then asked the Court to maintain its earlier ruling to have witnesses come physically to Malawi so that this case is expedited.

However, Magistrate Chimwaza has since adjourned the court to Monday, August 22nd to make directive on the matter.

The State, is refusing an earlier ruling by the same court to have witnesses come to Malawi physically and testify, saying it’s expensive for South African government to do so.

Prophet Bushiri’s lawyers, however, insist that the earlier court ruling should be respected so that witnesses come to Malawi physically and testify.

Bushiri and wife Mary Bushiri who are constructing Goshen City in Malawi face fraud and money laundering charges in South Africa. The two fled the Rainbow Nation in 2020 after they were given bail.

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