Govt hikes maize price


Malawi Government has increased the price of maize in Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) depots from K205 to K300 per kilogram.

Ministry of Agriculture Principal Secretary Sandram Maweru has confirmed the hike in a letter dated 29 July and addressed to ADMARC acting general manager.

This means a 50kg bag of maize will be going at K15,000, an expensive price for many Malawians who are already struggling due a rise in prices of other basic commodities.

Ministry of Agriculture spokesperson Gracian Lungu has, however, defended the increase, arguing ADMARC would be making losses if the price remained at K200 per kilogram.

According to Lungu, the state-owned company needs to be selling maize at a profit.

He added that the ministry consulted with the Ministry of Finance before increasing the price.

Lungu further said that authorities will make sure that the maize is being sold to households and not in bulk vendors.

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