Malawians oppose judges’ retirement proposal


Malawians have opposed the Tonse Alliance administration’s proposal to increase the retirement age of judges in Malawi from 65 to 70.

The Lazarus Chakwera administration wants to table the Courts Act Amendment Bill in Parliament which will increase the retirement age of judges.

This news has been met by a lot of disapproval from most Malawians who think the decision is not right and not ideal.

“Adding 5 years to the corrupt Judges is not Ideal. The only way to terminate immoral corrupt practices for our judges is to reduce retirement age. Justice can never be enhanced by someone’s age other than finding new tricks of corruption,” said one commenter on a Malawi24 Facebook post.

Other commenters argued adding the 5 years to judges’ retirement is ridiculous since they will not be employed as old people will continue to occupy.

“How will the young people be employed? If retirement will be at 70 years while the youths are graduating from university with no employment opportunities  because you still occupy the seats waiting for clocking for 70 years,“ says another commentator on a Facebook post

Some Malawians think the proposal ai aimed at protecting some people in the government.

“Someone in the government is being protected here, he’s about to retire and government still need him and they decided to increase retirement period,” one person.


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  1. Is that youth empowerment, Or they forget that they said they want to create more opportunities for the youth?So if they want themselves work for life how can they achieve one million jobs? Tons yasanduka zayekha, kwatsara mkuviika msima mmadzi

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