Maize prices: CAMA demands Govt to intervene


Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA) has expressed worry over the rise in maize price which the association says has pushed the price of Maize flour (20kg) from MK8,388 in May to MK14,888 this month.

According to a press statement that has been signed by Executive Director for CAMA John Kapito, maize flour has gone up by 77 percent while other basic
products have also drastically gone up by considerable high margins and this is for the period from May, 2022 to July 2022.

Kapito said that the rise in Maize flour prices is as a result of Maize grain prices rising up by almost 100%.

He noted that since Maize is one of the key components in the inflation basket, this has created challenges for consumers as there is a sharp rise in the cost of living.

“We are appealing to Government to review and intervene on current Maize prices which will continue to hurt Consumers before we get into the lean period where prices will be uncontrollable,” he said.

According to Kapito, over the past two months, Bread price has gone up from MK899.99 to MK1,299.99 (44%), Sugar (1kg) has gone up from MK876.00 to MK1,048.00 (20%) while Blueband Margarine (250g) has gone from MK 858.00 to MK 1045.00 (22%).

First Choice Milk (250ml) has gone up from MK168.00 to MK195.00 (16%), price of Eggs has gone up from MK3,398.00 to MK3,945.00 per tray (16%) while powdered Milk Nido (400g) has gone up from MK4,095.00 to MK4,718.00 (15%).

Kapito added that Rice (2kg) has gone up from MK2,245.00 to MK2,438.00 (9%) and prices of laundry soap has gone up too.

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