Mismanagement of public resources affecting healthcare of people with disability — NGO


Follow the Money International says there is a dysfunctional system in the health sector in Malawi due to lack of funding and mismanagement of public resources and this is affecting the healthcare of citizens of this country, especially people with disabilities.

Speaking with reporters on Thursday in Lilongwe, Founder for the organization Hamzat Lawal said people with disabilities cannot afford public healthcare because of lack of disability friendly infrastructures and communication to those who are deaf and blind.

Lawal said this is a human right issue and it is important that the Human Rights Commission should look into the matter and ensure that people are held accountable and justice prevails.

Lawal noted that the issue of lack of healthcare is not only affecting people with disability but also the poor people who are in remote areas because they cannot afford to buy medication when public hospitals run out of medication.

“Just also to state that over 600 Million Dollars was committed to Covid -19 Malawi. It is important to use this avenue to call the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to launch an investigation on how government used its Covid-19 resources and how it benefited the poor and individuals

“This is important to build trust and confidence and also to ensure that Malawi and other African countries can be prepared for next pandemics because right now the world is dealing with monkey pox, so it is important to know how we can strengthen public health care and how better services delivery particularly in rural communities can be done,” he explained.

He went on to say that knowing that corruption play very deep rooted negative role in utilisation of public resources, it is important that ACB should play a major role in order to make sure that the resources are being used for the intended purpose.

He also said that the issue of health care is a very crucial and government should invest in it because if health is not well taken care of there will be no wealth.

He then recommended that government should come open on the issue of 15 percent of allocation of funds to health sector as Abuja declaration states and also should always be transparent and accountable on the issue of allocation of funds to heath sector.

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