Court stops ‘anti-judiciary’ demonstrations


The High Court in Lilongwe has granted an injunction to John Kwenda and others, stopping a group of Malawians from conducting demonstrations today against alleged selective justice and injustice by the Judiciary in Malawi.

Lawyer Gift Nankhumwa filed the application for the injunction on behalf of John Kwenda, James Ali, Dan Kamara and John Mbewe.

The court order stops Kingsley Mpaso, Ida Mazinga, Ben Longwe and unknown persons from conducting demonstrations today or any rescheduled date until the activists meet certain conditions and until an interpartes hearing is held.

According to the court order by Judge Simeon Mdeza, claimants are demanding a list of names of those to be liable if the protests result in damage to property.

They also want assurance that the protests would be peaceful and for the protesters to produce an audio or written communication calling for peaceful protests.

Claimants are also demanding a retraction of an audio by one Ben Longwe in which he allegedly called for violence and commission of offence.

The order warns the claimants that they could be sent to jail or fined if they go ahead with the demonstrations.

A grouping under the banner of Human Rights Ambassadors planned to hold demonstrations today against selective justice and injustice in the Judiciary.


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