Nkhata Bay Police registers 28 percent decrease in reported crime


Nkhata Bay Police Station has registered a 28 percent decrease in reported crimes in the first six months from January to June this year.

This is according to a Biannual Crime Report the station has released through its Research and Planning Branch.

In 2021, a total of 438 criminal cases were recorded in Nkhata Bay while in 2022 the station has registered 316 cases.

Despite the decrease in crime, statistics still show that robbery cases have slightly gone up in the district. In 2021, eight cases of robbery were registered compared to 10 cases which have been reported this year.

However, cases of unlawful wounding, burglary and theft, breaking into a building and committing a felony therein have drastically gone down.

Furthermore, 41 cases of unlawful wounding were recorded in 2021 compared to 31 cases recorded in 2022.

Similarly, burglary and theft decreased from 45 cases in 2021 to 35 cases in 2022.

Nkhata-Bay Police Station police spokesperson Kondwani James said the station continues to implement intensive awareness programmes on safety and security issues with the help of other stakeholders including faith leaders and special unity committee (District Peace and Unity Committee).

He added that station has further enhanced police visibility in all crime prone areas to reduce the fear of crime as well as arresting and prosecuting offenders to deter other would be offenders.

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