Kenani U-turns on Mkaka

Mkaka (L) with Kenani in 2021

After appearing to defend Minister of Natural Resources Eisenhower Mkaka yesterday, social commentator Onjezani Kenani has today demanded Mkaka to provide proof to Malawians that the minister’s Mercedes Benz was not given to him by Zuneth Sattar.

Mkaka has a Mercedes Benz which in 2020 he claimed that he bought for 45,000 British Pounds. However, documents circulating on social media indicate that the vehicle was shipped to Malawi by UK based businessman Sattar who is alleged to have defrauded Malawians of billions.

Yesterday, Kenani appeared to defend Mkaka, saying there was no clear report by an investigative agency that corruption took place.

“I have seen questions flying around about my friend Eisenhower Mkaka’s car. Some of the details of the car seem to match the details of what Zuneth Sattar sent to Malawi in 2020z however, I have not seen a report , either by the Anti-Corruption Bureau or by the National Crime Agency specifically saying that Mkaka received the Benz from Sattar,” said Kenani yesterday.

While acknowledging that he had seen reports that the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) will investigate the issue, Kenani said he would not comment on the Mkaka allegations just because some people wanted him to do so.

“Find someone else to use to fight your battles, not me,” said Kenani.

However, the social media commentator who usually comment on corruption allegations has this morning made a U-turn.

According to Kenani, he has been sent evidence that raises serious doubts about the Mercedes Benz which Mkaka said he bought. The activist has now demanded Mkaka to fully account for his vehicle.

“The details of Mr. Mkaka’s car versus the details of the car Zuneth Sattar sent to Malawi in June 2020 are too similar to be ignored. Any fair-minded person would conclude that some foul play happened.

“I am now far much better informed about this issue than I was last night, and I am sorry for posting a message that may have come across as insensitive in such a delicate matter. Mr. Mkaka must provide full proof to Malawians that the car was not given to him by Zuneth Sattar,” reads part of Kenani’s Facebook post this morning.

In another post, Kenani has urged President Lazarus Chakwera to demand full accountability from Mkaka.

“Mr. Mkaka is a senior cabinet minister and Secretary-General of the Malawi Congress Party. It is important for everyone to see him fully accountable for his actions,” said Kenani.


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