Fast and Furious: Wazakena drift


It ended in high speed as social media sensation Ken B Wazakena was chased from a party in Blantyre on Sunday afternoon.

According to reports, Wazakena was forced to leave the party after irking women; he indirectly described them as stinking creatures on his Facebook page.

A caption of the picture he posted on his page while posing with the women at the party reads: “Akazi onsewa koma manager akumvabe kununkha” (Despite being surrounded by all these women, the manager is still getting a bad smell.)

This did not go well with the women that they pinned him on the matter. For fear of his life, the Chirimba based celebrity took to his heels at a cheaters pace.

Malawians on social media have rained different reactions to the issue.

“It ended in speed, how I wish those women crucified you for demeaning then,” reads one of the comments

Another comment reads: “I love the way you run. It is very rare to see a man in a jacket running at such a pace.”

Musician Mwanache also commented: “Although politicians treat us badly, we won’t leave Malawi, owing to the entertainment therein.”

Ken B got into the limelight when he made a video clip with youthful musician Med C last year. In the film, they were attacking musician Patience Namadingo who used to manage Med C by then, for using the lad’s name for his own benefit.

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