Lavida Loca admits snubbing Onesimus, Gemini Major


UK based Malawian rapper Lavida Loca has acknowledged that she gave the country’s top artists Onesimus and Gemini Major a ‘cold shoulder’ when they approached her for music collaboration.

Speaking in a Facebook interview with her father Ian Chirwa, Lavida has admitted that she did not nod to their appeals.

“Onesimus, he sent me a song yes it was more of a gospel song. And for me what I wanted was for it to be both a big song in the UK and Malawi. So I didn’t feel like the song he sent was going to be big because we love everything which brings the vibe, the music the party,” said Lavida.

She added that the African Butter did not send anymore songs, a sign that he was not happy with her initial response.

On the part of Gemini, she said he took her response in positive light as compared to the Solomon star. According to Vera, Gemini sent her more of his songs that they ended up working together. Their song will be released next month.

However the 23-year-old rapper admitted being a fan of the said musicians.

On working with Malawian artists, she said she has a strong desire to do so. And when the time comes, she will answer that call.

Born Vera Chirwa, Loca is one of the top female rappers in the Uk. In the year 2020, she was listen among 21 top female rappers by Capital Xtra. Com.

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