Zomba-Chingale MP constructing four under-five out-reach clinic shelters


Member of Parliament for Zomba Chingale, Lonnie Phiri, is constructing four under-five outreach clinic shelters for child growth monitoring and other child related health services in Chingale area where child health services are hard to access due to long distances and challenging topography.

The parliamentarian told Malawi24 that she decided to construct the under-five outreach clinic shelters after observing that the parents fail to access health services for their children from Chingale, Chipini and Chilipa due long distance from their respective villages.

Under-five clinic under construction in Zomba

“Chingale is a vast area and its topography is challenging as such l decided to construct the Under five outreach facilities to address the challenges,” the MP added.

Area Development Committee Chairperson for Chingale area, Redson Sumani, commended the parliamentarian for her decision to construct the outreach clinic shelters saying this will help children to access health services within reasonable distances.

He therefore called on parents to take advantage of the new facilities by bringing their children for growth monitoring and other child health related services.

Group Village Head Masaula observed that most development partners shun to implement development projects in Chingale area due to bad road conditions and its challenging topography of mountains and hills.

The traditional leader also hailed Phiri for being developmental conscious towards child health saying costruction of the Under Five Outreach Clinic shelters in the Chingale area is a right step in the right direction.

In the meantime, people of Zomba Chingale are looking forward to the completion of Lirangwi-Chingale-Machinga road that has stalled.

Upon completion, the road is expected to improve transport and trade from Blantyre to Machinga and other districts.