Police, angry residents clash in Balaka


Police have fired teargas at angry residents in Balaka after the residents destroyed houses belonging to a witchdoctor who is accused of killing people.

A mob destroying one of the houses

Business has come to a standstill at Balaka Boma as Police are clashing with the residents. Shop owners have closed their shops and teargas is all over the town.

According to one of the residents, the witchdoctor is alleged to have been aiding the killing of people in the district.

Business has come to a standstill in Balaka

Following the allegations, people ganged up and destroyed two houses belonging to the witchdoctor.

Police came in and rescued the witchdoctor from the angry mob.

However, angry people demanded that the witchdoctor be released from police cell.

This has fueled the situation and there is total commotion around the township.

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