Bushiri extradition case adjourned to August 5


The Chief Resident Magistrate Court has today adjourned the Prophet Shepherd Bushiri extradition case to August 5, 2022 when the court will hear fresh submissions from the two parties on whether South African witnesses should come to Malawi and testify or not.

Chief Resident Magistrate Madalitso Chimwaza has since given each party 14 days to make fresh applications on how witnesses should testify and it will make its own decision based on the applications.

Meanwhile, the Court has rejected an application by the state to refer the matter to the High Court, saying the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) does not have the powers to make the application under the law.

The powers, according to Chimwaza, are with the court to make the application and not the parties.

On his part, Senior State Advocate DPP Chambers Mathews Chione said they will make new submissions and they are not going to appeal.

Chione, however, said that they are not happy with the pace of the case as it is has been a slow process.

The matter has since been adjourned to 5 August for the court to hear the fresh applications from both sides.

Last month, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and wife Mary Bushiri insisted that South African witnesses should come to Malawi and testify physically in court.

Bushiri and wife Mary Bushiri fled South Africa in 2020 where they are accused of money laundering and fraud.

The South African Government want the two to be taken to South Africa to answer the charges.

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