Man climbs transmission line tower in suicide attempt


Police and community members have rescued a 40-year-old man identified as  Domingo Chilenje who climbed to the top of a transmission line tower in an attempt to commit suicide at Makanjira in Blantyre.

According to a report by Zodiak Online, the man wanted to get electrocuted so that he should die.

After being alerted about the issue, Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi interrupted transmission on the 132 KV power grid.

Community members and police later managed to convince the man that he should not commit suicide.

Chileka Police Station Officer, James Mbale, has told Zodiak that Chilenje has been taken to Chikuli health center for mental examination.

Attempting suicide is a crime in Malawi under Section 229 of the Penal Code and it attracts a jail term.

Man jailed for attempting suicide

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