Malawi asks South Africa to arrest, extradite Ben Longwe


Malawi Government has asked the South African Government to arrest and extradite Ben Longwe, a Malawian based in South Africa who is accused of making threats against judges in Malawi.

Police Deputy Publicist Harry Namwaza has confirmed the request for extradition.

The law enforcement agency has a warrant of arrest against Longwe for cyber-related offences and threats against judicial officers and legal practitioners in Malawi.

Last month, Longwe produced an audio in which he called on the general public to attack judicial officers by torching their homes and vehicles and court buildings because judicial officers are allegedly not being fair in their judgements.

Magistrates and Judges Association of Malawi (MAJAM) condemned the threats of attacks against judicial officers saying they undermine the independence and impartiality of the judiciary.

The request on Longwe comes as Malawian born pastor Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife, Mary Bushiri, are fighting extradition to South Africa to face alleged money laundering charges.

The two were arrested in South Africa in 2020 but they fled to Malawi after being granted bail. In Malawi, the Bushiris are not under arrest but their extradition case is in the High Court.

They argue that South African witnesses should come to Malawi to testify because Bushiri cannot go to South Africa considering that he works in Malawi and the case is also happening in Malawi.

Bushiri insists witnesses should come to Malawi and testify

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