Four people at Accountant General arrested over K283m theft


Four employees at the office of the Accountant General have been arrested in connection to the theft of K283 million.

The four are Angelina Mbale, Angela Chiphiko, Hastings Genela and Anderson Mwakiyelu.

Their arrest comes after five people were also arrested due to the same crime.

They are accused of stealing money from various government agencies through allowances.

The four suspects are expected to appear for bail hearing on Monday.

Last month, police also arrested Estone Nephan Sani, Kondwani Luka, Phylis Kainja, Micuis Chikapusa and Verekeni Mpinganjira over alleged theft of funds.

It was revealed that officers were stealing the money by giving each other abnormal allowances, with one person getting K7 million in allowances for having worked 40 days a month.

The transactions raised eyebrows and an alert was sent to the Financial Intelligence Authority (FIA) and Fiscal Police.

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