Bushiri supports brother in-law Gwamba


Prophet Shepherd Bushiri has supported his brother-in law Gwamba with K15 million to finance his album launch. Gwamba is signed to Bushiri’s Major 1 records.

The support is said to have been financed through Goshen City, another imprint of Bushiri’s businesses.

Gospel musician Gwamba, real name Duncan Zgambo, is the brother of Bushiri’s wife Mary Bushiri. The musician is launching his second album, True Independence, in Blantyre on 23rd July 2022 and Goshen City has supported with K15 million.

On the other side, singer Piksy—who launched his Mtunda album in Blantyre and Lilongwe—has been supported with K5 million to help him take the launch to Mzuzu.

Briefing the media in Lilongwe on Friday, deputy chief executive officer of Goshen City Willie Kalonga said the gesture is a potent breakpoint statement to artists globally that they have a partner in Goshen City.

Gwamba (R) and Piksy (L)

“We don’t want people to see this as Goshen City on one hand and Gwamba and Piksy on the other. We want people to see this as the beginning of a fruitful journey between Goshen City and the arts industry in the globally. In this journey, we will partner with every artist both locally and internationally,” he said.

In his remarks, Gwamba said organizing a concert is financially strenuous as such his management has been knocking on various institutions and individuals’ seeking support and Goshen City is just one of them.

“I am so thankful to Goshen City. In the days coming, we will also be unveiling several other companies that have come forth to support our concert. We always strive to transparent to our sponsors and also to our fans,” he said.

On his part, Piksy said he appreciates the support that has been rendered by Goshen City.

“We hope other organisations will appreciate art as well and support other artists in the country. The art industry can help develop our country and employ many young people if properly handled and provided with support,” he said.


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