Eli Njuchi talks about Martse’s death in relation to Gu Gu Gu


Reggae dancehall star Eli Njuchi has explained his hit single Gu Gu Gu in connection with the death of hip-hop artist Martin ‘Martse’ Nkhata.

Speaking in an interview with Joy Nathu inside Made on Monday Programme, Eli said he is not involved in any way.

“Those who linked me with Martse’s death simply formed a weapon against. On the contrary no weapon formed agsinst me shall prosper,” he said.

The Gu Gu Gu star added that his song addresses the theme of love. As such, some dirty-minded people twisted his message to suit their bad intentions.

The former Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) ambassador for the youth also revealed that he will be unleashing his latest album later this month.

His forthcoming collection is entitled “Red flag” and it will be launched on 30th July. The event to mark the launch of the album will be staged in the lakeshore district of Mangochi.

According to the youthful reggae dancehall icon in the making, his forthcoming project warns people about would be derailing factors.

He argues that he has chosen to launch the album to compesate people from small towns, as they are mostly neglected from fun.

Red flag will be his third collection after “The book of zee” and “the book of Eli” which were freed in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

Eli Njuchi attacked at Martse’s funeral


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