Monkey Bay Police and Community Policing conduct joint patrols in crime hotspots


Community Policing Coordinator at Monkey Bay Police Station, Sub Inspector, Masautso Katemera, says the joint patrols with members of community policing are aimed to ensure drinking joints are closed in good times and also to check presence of children in such places.

Katemera warned that bar owners that operate their drinking joints till midnight will be arrested.

Among other places, the police patrolled a crime spot called Devil Street, where criminals steal cell phones from people at night. Residents along the Devil Street were happy to hear police patrolling the area, according to the Community Policing Coordinator.

Katemera said the residents applauded the police for patrolling the street and looked forward to series of patrols in the area to ensure total security.

“The residents were so happy to hear the police patrolling the area,” Katemera said.

Sub Inspector Jenipher ltimu, of Monkey Bay Community Policing section cautioned all people that loiter that the police will arrest and prosecute them as one way of ensuring total security and safety to areas around Monkey Bay town.

“Police will ensure that Monkey Bay is safe place and Monkey Bay Police will work in collaboration with the community policing in this regard,” said Sub Inspector Itimu.

Monkey bay Community Policing, Chairperson, Levison Phiri said members of community police will continue with joint operations with the police to ensure security and safety in Monkey Bay town.

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