Region 5 Youth Games launched in Malawi


Minister of Youth and Sports Richard Chimwendo Banda on Friday officially launched the Region 5 youth games.

The event took place at BICC in Lilongwe.

Speaking at the launch, Chimwendo said as a Ministry and the whole sports fraternity, they are grateful to the Goverment of Malawi for agreeing to host the Games as they are a window for youth empowerment and a conduit for economic development.

According to Chimwendo, through these games, Goverment of Malawi is bankrolling construction of a World class Aquatic Complex that will be able to host any international competition. And this will be part of sport’s contribution towards tourism in the process bringing in the much needed foreign currency.

Chimwendo also hinted that these games will lead to improvement of competition facilities such as CIVO Stadium and CIVO community sports Centre and also the games will directly lead to upgrading of other facilities such as the LUANAR hostels.

“There will be massive infrastructural development and upgrade that will leave Malawi as a destination of choice through improved internet connectivity, upgraded hotels and lodges as well as improved service delivery. In addition, our health service delivery and infrastructure will receive a major boost and upgrade of it’s equipment. There will be modernization of our energy industry as we strive to invest in environmentally friendly and renewable sources of energy to power our sporting facilities in the long run,” said Chimwendo.

Chimwendo also added that the Games will lead to human capital development through training of over 400 technical officials who will thereafter raise the Malawi flag higher by officiating at other major international competitions.

“This is a significant legacy of the Games which will last longer than the memories of our successful hosting of the event. Our focus is to prioritize upgrading of public facilities for which our people will have easy access post the Games. That way, we stand to benefit more from the investment that Government is reserving in upgrading these competition venues,” explained Chimwendo.

He then assured the public that as Goverment they are one step ahead and that his Ministry will ensure that construction of the two sports complexes in Lilongwe is done within the stipulated time frame.

In his remarks, Regional Organizing Committee Chairperson Stanley Mutoya said that as a Regional Organising Committee, they remain collectively consistent in purpose and action and in supporting Malawi to deliver an
historic and memorable Games edition ever.

“Of course, we are alive to the fact that the only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. Therefore, we
are ready to roll our sleeves, put our shoulders on the wheel and to make our hands dirty in the best interest of our young people. The journey will be treacherous and frustrating, progress sometimes insidious, relations may be strained and emotional. Targets may be missed,” said Mutoya.

Mutoya also saluted the Goverment of Malawi for its resolute determination through sport.

He then called upon captains of industry and commerce to consider partnering government in supporting the staging of what will be a memorable and life-changing edition of the Games.

“These young people require food and beverages. Each of the 2021 athletes and officials, 400 Technical Officials, 871 Volunteers and 400 drivers that will be
part of this grand show will require goods and services of various magnitude. Each
athlete for instance will require 2 litres of water per day for hydration alone. The
Games will require around 30,000 litres of fuel. For quality broadcasting, each
venue will require high speed internet connectivity of at least 50 mbps. There are
consumables such as branded apparel, digital mobile applications for the management of the Games, smart phones and smart televisions sets for Games
publicity required as well as city beautification and branding to name but a few.

“Our doors remain open for everyone to play a role in contributing towards delivery of the Games that we will all be proud of while in the process promoting and creating business and contributing to the growth of the national economy through small to medium enterprises,” said Mutoya.

Some of the games to be played during the Region 5 games are Judo, Volleyball, Boxing, Netball, Swimming, tennis and Football.

The competition usually hosts more than 3,500 athletes and officials.

The games will be played from 2 – 11 December this year.

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