Gwamba sentenced to 5-years in prison


The magistrate’s court in Limbe, Blantyre has slapped Gwamba with a 5-year jail term for assaulting a kid physically.

Joyce Gwamba, a 23-year old Manje resident is reported to have caused bodily harm to her 5-year old step-daughter, by pressing a hot knife on the child’s body.

According to Limbe Police Spokesperson Patrick Mussa, the 23-year old woman used to mistreat the child, in her father’s absence.

Reports further reveal that the ill-treatment was noticed through neighbours. The neighbours noticed the child had difficulties when performing household chores.

This has irked some Malawians. They believe the punishment is lenient given the nature of her crime.

“That’s why we say no justice in Malawi someone who almost killed a human 5  but someone making his own ends meet 8 same place?” Said Robert Munyimbiri

“Five years is a joke. That child was tortured,” said Jessie Sagawa



  1. Timaona ngat agwmba oyimbawa kkkkkkkkk, yaa reporter uyu alibwino

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  3. Nde zamanyinotu. Kuguna kumuipisila mbiri nzanu bwanji.

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