Chakwera recognises Martse


President Lazarus Chakwera has honoured departed rapper Martin ‘Martse Nkhata at the Zikomo Awards held at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe today.

Chakwera has awarded the late Martse for his outstanding music which he believes has a positive impact on the youth.

The recognition has attracted conflicting feedback from Malawians.

“So who will receive the award now that he is gone? No offense but this is actually not on. I mean, how can a dead person be awarded something? It was okay to give him the award while he was still breathing not now,” reads one of the comments

Another comment reads: “Welcome to Malawi where people get recognized and respected when they are no more.”

“Next time honour the person when he is breathing.
Its good gesture apule,” said another social media user

Other people believe it is a good gesture for the president to recognise the youth, as it indicates his empowerment for the said group.

“This is good news. Keep up with the good work Mr President. This is an encouragement to the youth to be agents of positive change in the society.”

Chakwera’s administration has initiated the recognition event with the aim of recognising Malawians who have been outstanding in different sectors.