Malawi, other African countries remain silent over Melilla massacre


Malawi and other African countries have been called out for their silence on the massacre at the Moroccan border with Spain where 37 African migrants have been killed and 100 injured by security forces.

The massacre happened at the Melilla border fence between Spain and Morocco on June 24.

Reuters reported that about 2,000 migrants attempted to cross into Spain and this led to violence as Moroccan security forces and Spanish border guards tried to stop the migrants.

Some reports indicate that the immigrants died after Moroccan border police tear-gassed and hit the migrants.

Moroccan authorities said there was a stampede and the deaths resulted from a crush and from migrants falling from a high fence.

But Morocco and Spain have denied using excessive force, although there are videos showing migrants lying on the ground and security officers hitting them.

It has since been noted that apart from the African Union expressing shock at the “violent treatment of migrants leading to deaths and injuries” and demanding an immediate investigation, there has been silence from individual African countries.

Social media users said African countries such as Malawi were quick to condemn Russia for the war in Ukraine but have chosen not to speak about the massacre in their own continent.

“This is now, not a word from any media, no protest from our black democratic senators, so quick to shed tears for Ukraine. Where are the new African leaders?

“Suddenly no one wants to go to war in defence of refugees, or open their homes for them! They are beating,” said one Instagram user.

A Twitter user said: “The African Fools who were busy shouting and posting sympathizing with Ukraine are now very silent when the whites are murdering their brothers and sisters, humanitarian organizations and the UN are all silent on the #MelillaMassacre now that’s it’s Africans involved.”

Another person on Twitter quipped: “and its funny how I cant Africans condemning this atrocities being matted on their people as they ‘stood with Ukraine’. What a shame…Its time to wake up to reality that we only got us, and nobody will save us but us.”