Two DPP chief whips show up for meeting at Parliament

Nankhumwa and Mwase

Two Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) chief whips showed up for the business committee meeting at Parliament this morning.

Both Julius Mwase appointed by Leader of Opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa and  another DPP Chief Whip Simon Vuwa Kaunda appointed by the DPP reported for the meeting.

The presence of two people fighting for the same position brought the meeting  to a standstill, reports indicate.

Parliament consulted Attorney General, Thabo Chakaka Nyirenda, who advised that the eligible chief whip is Julius Mwase who was appointed by Nankhumwa.

Following the opinion of the Attorney General, Vuwa was sent out of the meeting.

Nankhumwa has been Leader of Opposition for past two years and last week he removed Vuwa Kaunda from position of Chief Whip and replaced him with Mwase.

The DPP led by former President Peter Mutharika on Sunday retaliated by voting for Mulanje South West Member of Parliament George Chaponda as Leader of Opposition. The party also voted for Vuwa as Chief Whip.

Parliament confirmed Chaponda’s appointment by inviting him for the business meeting.

However, twenty-two DPP MPs yesterday obtained an injunction against the election for Chaponda and through the court order, Nankhumwa got his position back.

There have been wrangles in the DPP since Mutharika lost the 2020 fresh presidential elections.